Project Description

After proudly serving our nations defense in the United States Army… I developed a passion in defending homes against natural home invaders. The past 10 years I have worked for many of the “Big Name” pest control companies and they all fell short of my expectations. Many are not based locally to SW Florida, have large advertising budgets and multi-level managers to feed, use out of state call centers and are more focused on getting new customers rather than keeping their existing customers happy. It seemed simple enough to give what the people want. Quality safe and effective pest control with a Mom & Pop company customer experience. No pushy sales people disguised as “inspectors” or some stranger just showing up at your door unannounced. Bottom line, bugs & rats belong outside! I aim to keep it that way. Let me help shield you from these unwanted pests so you can sleep soundly at night. Our systematic approach using attention to detail and superior products deliver to you the ultimate results in pest control. No one is better.