Project Description

THE PERFECT FUNDRAISER: Simply said, we want to join your team and help you raise money for your organization or cause by providing you with a guaranteed bestseller. Every one of our fundraising bracelets tells a story… your story. At a glance, everyone will know what you’re proud of, what you’re promoting, and a bit of who you are. Everyone will want these attractive wooden bracelets, particularly when they know they’re contributing to a worthy cause. In addition, the bracelets will help increase your footprint in your community. Everyone who sees them will want to know what they mean, what they’re doing to help. When conversation starts, interest is born and support is multiplied. Anyone can sell these bracelets, simply because everyone will want one. They’re the perfect stand-alone fundraiser and even better as an add-on to anything you’re currently doing… bake sales, dinners, marathons, theatre evenings, etc. Unlike other familiar fundraisers, they don’t get lost in a drawer, eaten in a minute, or thrown away. They’re worn over and over again… proudly!